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Porsche Club of America Zone 8
Las Vegas Region PCA
Drivers Ed Program

We conduct our Driver Education Program on closed circuit road courses at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch racetracks. Our program is designed to afford participants the opportunity to develop car control skills in an organized manner. People of various skill levels attend our events for a variety of reasons. The common denominator is that they have a good time and learn from their experience. Safety of participants and their cars is our number one concern. Before participating in each Driver Education event, you must have your car safety inspected, preferably by one of our approved Inspection Centers.

New participants must attend our Introductory Class which includes classroom and sometimes off-track driving instruction. Then each new participant must begin in the novice run group. Novice drivers are assigned an experienced instructor to ride with them in their car and they will drive at a moderate pace. Students are encouraged to drive at a pace appropriate to their skill level. The goal is to teach better car control. Students are discouraged from traveling at speeds that might place them or their cars in jeopardy.

Each session on the track lasts about 20 minutes but can vary from 15 minutes up to 30 minutes or more depending on the event. In between your sessions other more advanced and less advanced students go out in their assigned sessions. Sessions are generally color coded. For example there may be a Yellow Novice Group Session, a White Beginner Group Session, a Green Intermediate Group Session and a Red Advanced Group Session. The number of groups determines the number of sessions per day, and the length of each session. Color designations and the number of groups may differ in various events. Later in the day some groups may be combined to give everyone more track time. The Yellow and White Groups may go out together for example.

As your skill level develops you will progress from the novice group to the more experienced run groups. As you become more and more experienced you you can start referring to your sessions not as "Drivers Education Lessons", but rather as "High Performance Driving School". You may be assigned the same High Performance Driving School Instructor for the entire weekend, or you may have a number of different instructors. You may wish to give the Event Organizer feedback about your instructor. Initially you will have an instructor in the car with you at all times until you are "signed off". Being "signed off" means that you have progressed to a stage where your instructor and/or the organizer feels confident that you are ready to drive "solo". Be patient. There is no need to rush driving "solo". In fact all drivers from newly "signed off" to instructor will be "checked out" periodically. It is one way for us to help you become a better and safer driver and it allows us to measure your progress and the success of our program.

Driver's Ed High Performance Driving School is not a competitive event, so no timing devices are permitted. Out of region drivers or those drivers who have not attended the track recently will be assessed based on experience. They will usually have a "check out" instructor ride with then initially, especially if they have not driven at this race track previously.

It is important to note that LVR Driver Education is not racing, nor any form of competition. Other track events include Time Trials and Club Racing. Driver's Ed is not a competitive or timed event.


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