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Porsche Club of America Zone 8
Las Vegas Region PCA
Classified Ads

Free Classified Ads for Members. Place free ads in the Forum, in our local Sandscript newsletter, and also place free ads in the national online classified The Mart and in the national PANORAMA magazine. Simply register in your real first and last name instead of a nickname. Then post your classified ad in the Forum. ENTER FORUM HERE

Everyone is Welcome The Forum is user-friendly and we welcome everyone. Anyone can register and place free ads, even non-members, as long as you identify yourself properly with your name and email address when registering. You will receive a verification email from us. After you have registered and received the verification email, Click the "POST NEW TOPIC" button and type your ad or message in the space provided. See below for more detailed instructions.

How to Register After you enter, click the little "register" link in the upper right-hand corner. Register in your real first and last name. Choose a password of at least 4 letters that is easy to remember. Your name and password are case sensitive. "My Name" is different than "my name" for example. More detailed instructions are below.

Requirements You may post advertisements as long as they pertain to Porsches, but commercial advertising is not allowed by any one other than our regular Sandscript newsletter advertisers. To place a display ad in the Sandscript please contact the Newsletter Editor or Advertising Chairman.

How to Place a Free Classified Ad in the Newsletter Members can also place free classified ads in the Sandscript Newsletter by contacting the Editor. Members can mail or email your ad directly to one of the Editors.

How to Place a National Magazine Ad Free National Classified Ads are available to Members in PANORAMA Magazine. Members can place one "for sale" ad and one "wanted" ad every month for free by sending your listing to: The Mart, PORSCHE PANORAMA, 912 Lullwater Road, Atlanta, GA 30307, or by fax to 404-377-7041 or by going online to place your ad in The Mart. Your ad will appear in both the full color printed magazine and online national classified.

How to Post a Picture in the Forum To the left of the area where you type in your post, click the "UBB Code is ON" link. Refer to the instructions on everything you can do on this forum. Under the section "Adding Images" it explains how to post photos that already appear on the Web elsewhere. For example "" is a ficticious URL for a picture. Enclose the URL with [img] and [/img] image brackets to have your picture appear in the forum.

How to Upload a Picture If the photo you want to post does not appear anywhere else on the Web, but only on your computer, you must first upload it to a photo site. There are numerous free photo sites on the web like Photosite, Snapfish, Photobucket, and you can find others by searching Yahoo or Google for "free image hosting". If you are already a PCA Member and want to post a car for sale, you may email the photo to the webmaster, and as a courtesy we will upload it for you and help you further. Otherwise please use a free photo site like one of the above to get the URL for your picture.

Rules for Advertisers Anyone who registers in their own name can post a Forum message or ad for personal items related to Porsches. Commercial advertisers may not post ads for their business unless they are already regular advertisers in the Las Vegas Region Sandscript Newsletter. Please contact the Newsletter Editor to place your print ad. Inappropriate postings will be removed, and anyone who registers in a "nickname" instead of their real name is also subject to removal. Thank you for keeping your posts courteous and appropriate.

National Online Classifieds You may also wish to visit the PCA National Mart where Members can place free online classified ads.


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