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Your insurance coverage may not cover you while on the track. The Las Vegas Region obtains insurance coverage for all our moving vehicle events through the Porsche Club of America blanket Insurance policy. This policy provides Third Party General Liability and some very limited Participant Personal Accident coverage. The insurer requires that all participants and visitors sign a waiver approved by the insurer that limits their liability for the event. You will also be required to sign a waiver from the track holding the event. Our insurance does not cover your vehicle or any individual liability or casualty claims.

LVR does not provide any specific insurance coverage for any vehicle participating in our events, nor does it cover individual damage or injury claims. You should not assume that your regular vehicle insurance policy will cover you while participating in a Driver Education event. You are solely responsible for checking with your insurance company to see if you are covered for this activity. Be aware that your insurance company may use this inquiry as an excuse to restrict your vehicle's use or even to cancel your insurance policy.

While we would argue otherwise, in all probability your insurance company may consider any "Track Use" as an increased risk, regardless of its purpose, which in the case of our Driver Education events, is to improve driving safety. You will need to stress that our Driver Education Program is a non-competitive non-timed activity that is focused upon improving driver skills, car control and safety, under all driving situations. If your insurance company will not provide adequate coverage for you or your car under these circumstances, then you must weigh the risks and the consequences of participating without being fully insured before coming to the track. Although they may deny claims for collision, your insurance provider cannot deny coverage for liability claims.

If you do inform your insurance company of your participation in our track based Driver Education program, and they agree that you are indeed covered, then it is important that you have a written acknowledgement of that coverage.

The LVR Driver Education program has always had an excellent safety record throughout its history but as with any activity, especially those involving motor vehicles, problems can and do arise. With any driving activity on the street or track there is an element of risk. Errors can and will occur and accidents can happen. We strive to minimize the potential risk by providing skilled instructors, a closed course environment and full safety and medical support staff on-hand at all times. Above all we teach the driving skills necessary to avoid putting you or your vehicle in harms way and the actions to take when somebody else creates a potentially harmful situation around you.

It may be possible to secure On-Track insurance coverage through a specialist insurance provider. Be sure to check with your primary vehicle insurance provider that any additional coverage will not adversely affect your primary coverage or any other aspects of your insurance policy.


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