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DE Introduction

The Drivers Education we teach enables you to handle your car confidently at speed. The classroom is the first place to start if you have never driven on a racetrack before. Spectators are also welcome to sit in on the classroom portion. These schools are valuable for everyone, whether you translate it to better driving on the street, or decide to immediately continue on with participation in a Drivers Ed track event. Drivers who wish to enroll in our track based Driver-Ed program are required to attend a mandatory Introductory Driving School. The classroom is usually held on the first morning of every weekend Driver's Ed event. The Introductory Course includes a few hours or more of familiarization with proper track etiquette, driving the proper line around the race course, learning track official's flags, hand signals, passing zones, and other regulations.

The school teaches you basic driving theory and gives you some practical experience developing car control through a series of demonstrations and exercises at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway or Spring Mountain Motorsport Ranch. Classroom sessions include a discussion of safety issues, tire pressures, driving position, pit and paddock rules, track maps, and more. The school also often includes driving exercises involving skidpad, braking and/or highspeed lane changes before venturing onto the racetrack.

Often times non-Porsche participants are welcome for these events, and no special safety equipment is required for these Introductory Driving Schools other than regulation helmets, and convertibles must have rollbars or other rollover protection.

If you feel you feel you have had equivalent experience with another reputable car club or high performance driving school, please contact the Event Chairman or Driver's Ed Chairman to discuss your situation. Once you have participated in our track based Driver-Ed Introductory Driving School, you will immediately be able to progress to that weekend's Drivers Ed track event. Please sign up for the Drivers Ed event in advance to ensure your place in the Intoductory School and to ensure that we will have enough Instructors for everyone.

It is important to note that LVR Driver Education is not racing, nor any form of competition. After participating in our DE program you may later wish to drive competitively in Autocross, Time Trials or Club Racing.

Please be sure to read all of the Drivers Ed pages carefully. First timers should be sure to read our Welcome to Drivers Ed.


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