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Porsche Club of America Zone 8
Las Vegas Region PCA
Drivers Ed Rules

Registrations are accepted online at the LVRPCA Store a few months before the event and at the track on the day of the event if the event is not already sold out. On site registrations cost more and are risky because events often sell out, and you will be turned away. Registrants are accepted on a first come basis. If you have not registered online before a race, call the organizer first before you show up to make sure it hasn't sold out. Arrive early in case there are a number of drivers entering the day of the event.

Safety of participants and their cars is our number one concern. The Drivers Ed "Handbook" of rules that we adhere to are the PCA Zone 8 Drivers Ed Rules. There may be additional rules as stated in the specific event flyer.

Flag Rules
  • Yellow - exercise caution - no passing - problem ahead
  • Yellow & Red - caution - no passing - debris or oil on the track
  • Green - OK to pass in passing areas previously specified
  • Black - pointed at you - warning that you did something wrong
  • Black - waved at you - pull into the pits at first opportunity
  • Red - check rearview and stop on shoulder in front of flagman
  • Blue or Blue & Yellow - lift off gas and point by car behind you
  • Black with Orange Circle - car is leaving debris or oil on track
  • White - slow moving vehicle on the track - exercise caution
  • Checkered - Last lap - no passing - signal & pull into the pits

    Hand Signals
  • Point By - point your index finger out the window in the direction you want the car behind you to pass
  • Pit Signal - Hold clenched fist up in the air to indicate you are slowing down to enter the pits

    Please note that flag signals and passing hand signals may vary somewhat from event to event.


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