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DE Eligibility

The eligibility of a specific vehicle for a Drivers Ed event is the ultimate responsibility of the Event Chairman based upon the recommendations of the tech inspectors, driving instructors, registration officials, and other event and track officials. The Event Chairman at his or her sole discretion has the empowerment to determine the eligibility of a specific vehicle based on the following principles. They have the final decision regarding whether a particular vehicle should be allowed or excluded from the event. To make sure you and your car qualifies, read everything on the website about Drivers Ed. Then be sure to make arrangements within 14 days of the event to have your vehicle inspected at one of the approved Porsche inspection facilities.

Cabriolets, Roadsters, Speedsters and Convertibles that are not fitted with Porsche Factory roll-over protection must have installed an approved roll bar or roll cage for occupant protection. In general this applies to all open-top cars manufactured prior to the 1993 993 Series 911 and 986 Boxster models. These and later Porsche 'soft-top' cars incorporated fixed or "pop-up" rollover protection. Targa models of any year are not required to have any additional roll bar protection, but must have the targa top installed for track use. Drivers of Boxsters with fixed roll bars should be able to sit in the drivers seat, helmet on, without the top of their helmet being above a fixed line between the roll bar and the top of the windshield. Those that do are recommended to install an approved roll bar extension. Your tech center can advise you on all of these issues. For clarification contact the Event Chairman.

Windows should usually be down on both driver and passenger side for safety in the event that you need to exit the car in an emergency. Do not exit your car after a mishap however unless it is on fire. Wave a "thumbs up" to a corner worker that you are OK, and stay in your car after a mishap. Small racecar windows, or window netting may prevent you from executing standard hand signals, so make sure your signals can be seen if window netting or car design prevents you from reaching out the window.

The most important criteria for vehicle eligibility is safety. Any vehicle which does not pass inspection or does not conform to basic, minimum safety requirements will be disqualified until it can be put into compliance with the requirements for that event. Please see the PCA Zone 8 Rules and any additional rules for the specific event.


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