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Welcome to DE

Introductory Driving School: This is what you can expect when you arrive at the track for your first Driver's Ed Introductory Driving School. Please review this schedule and these procedures before arrival so your first Driver's Ed experience goes smoothly. Whether this is the first time you have ever been on a racetrack, or whether you have had other track experiences before, you will find that our Driver Education program is a means of learning more about safe driving techniques which you will find useful and rewarding both on the track and off. Both experienced drivers and first-timers find that our instruction will greatly improve your driving skills and abilities.

Register: Plan to arrive by 7:30am or earlier and no later than 8:00am. Bring your helmet and paperwork to the tent or building marked "PCA Registration" to register on-site or to show that you have pre-registered. If you did not pre-register, please check the Forum before leaving for the track to make sure the event is not already fully booked.

Tech Inspection: Next line up your car for Tech inspection in the area marked so that your windshield can be marked for your run group. Please bring your completed Inspection Form with you. Technical Inspection at the track is designed to capture only the obvious visible problems. The real responsibility lies with owner preparation and evaluation. Don't bring your car if it isn't safe! We highly recommend that you have your car inspected free of charge at any one of the several tech inspection locations prior to the event in order to avoid holding up the early morning tech line.

Driver's Meeting: The meeting for all drivers starts promptly at 8:30am and is mandatory for every participant. Please be on time. Driver's Ed Introductory Driving School will start immediately after.

Classroom, Skidpad, Braking & Track: There are four elements to the Introductory Driving School that you may have the opportunity to take part in. First is the classroom session where the basics of advanced driving techniques are explained and discussed. Then the ‘hands-on’ portion of the DE begins. You will be in one of three groups that in turn will be involved with exercises on the Skid-pad, Threshold Braking area and on the Track. At all times you will be closely supervised by one of our experienced Instructors either in the car with you (Skid-pad & Track) or explaining exactly what we wish you to do and then evaluating your execution of the exercise (Braking Area). Normally the Skid-pad and Threshold Braking exercises will conclude by noon, and On-track Driver's Ed will start by the first afternoon. Run groups are usually scheduled in 20 to 30 minute sessions. Your run group will be comprised of other students in your same ability level. The last run group of the day will finish at about 4 or 4:30pm.

Preparation: Long sleeve cotton shirts, socks and pants are required as well as lightweight close-toed shoes. Driving shoes and gloves are recommended. Avoid nylon, acrylic and other artificial fibers. Approved driving suits composed of Nomex or other fire retardant material are recommended. The best suits are composed of three layers of fire retardant material, and even though uncomfortable in hot weather, they are highly recommended. Fire retardant suits may be required for advance run groups. As Nevada tracks experience weather ranging from very cool windy days to extreme sun-baked heat, you should dress in layers and be sure to bring a brimmed hat and sunscreen. Water consumption is extremely important in the Nevada desert, so bring a cooler of water, and drink it continuously throughout the day. You will also need an approved helmet as specified for the event. In addition a HANS device or other neck restraint device is highly recommended. Eyeglasses, sunglasses, visor or other eye protection is necessary as you will be required to drive with both of your windows open. Please see DE safety for more information. Bring a small hardcover log book and pen to record your sessions, instructor names, and take notes.

Car Preparation: In addition to tech inspection please be sure you have checked your oil level and filled your tank with gas prior to arriving at the track. Although gas is usually available at the track, it is high octane racing fuel costing about double the price of pump gas. Clean your windshield, and bring glass cleaner and towels for later in the day. Bring painter's masking tape and scissors and/or a bottle of white shoe polish for applying your car number as instructed at the track. Painter's tape is also required at some events for protecting the headlights. It can also help protect your finish from paint chips. Also bring a roll of duct tape and/or electrical tape to secure any loose battery terminal insulators at the track. Also check your tire pressure and make sure your tires are fully inflated to manufacturer's specs when cold. Tire pressures will increase during driving exercises and while on the track. You should have a tire guage with you so you can check your tires again when hot. An air hose is usually available at the track, but you may find it convenient to bring a small cigarette lighter powered air compressor. A set of basic tools is something you will be happy to have should you need to make a minor repair or adjustment. All loose objects must be removed completely from inside your car and trunk before you take part in the driving exercises. Check the event information to see whether convertibles without rollbars are allowed in the event. No special safety equipment is required for you or your vehicle beyond standard safety belts.

When you arrive: You will be required to sign a track waiver when you arrive at the gate. You will also be charged a nominal fee of $5 to $10 upon entry. Please have exact change ready to avoid holding up the line. Follow the attendant's directions with respect to entering the paddock area. Observe the speed limit of no more than 5 miles per hour. Line up in an orderly fashion alongside other cars of your marque, and allow room for trailers to unload and other traffic to get by on the end of each aisle. Remove everything from your car and from the trunk of your car. Be very conscious of litter and dispose of all trash properly in the recepticles. This applies to candy wrappers, cigarette butts, etc. Any trash not properly disposed of can end up on the track. If you bring your own fuel, you must drive your car to the concrete pad near the fuel tanks before adding gas to your tank. Immediately clean up any gas, oil or coolant spills which will otherwise damage the asphalt.

Directions: See the information about local area racetracks for directions to their facilities. No alcohol is allowed at the racetracks for drivers or spectators. Save that for after the conclusion of the event. Keep in mind that the Nevada Highway Patrol and local police will ticket you for speeding to and from the racetrack, so please watch your speed when leaving the racetrack. We hope you enjoy your day with us.


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