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Las Vegas Region PCA

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We want to get to know you so please... Register in your real name instead of a nickname.

Check for last minute changes. Post whatever you want about your Porsche, and everything related to your Porsche experience. We want to hear from you! The forum is being provided by G3 Systems, Inc.

Everyone is Welcome   Everyone can immediately enter to read the forum. We are user-friendly, and anyone can easily register in order to post messages, even non-members.

How to Register   After you enter, click the little "register" link in the upper right-hand corner. Register in your real first and last name. Choose a simple password of 4 letters that is easy for you to remember. Don't forget your password!

Register in your Real Name   If you register in your first and last name, you won't forget your username. Also, we want to get to know you, and that's easier when you don't use an alias. So please use your real name, and please don't forget your password.

Case Sensitive   Both your username and password are case sensitive, so "Mary Smith" is different than "mary smith" for example. Obviously your name is easy to remember. Please do not forget your password.

How to Post in the Forum   Click the "POST NEW TOPIC" button and type your message in the space provided. Your message will appear in the Forum.

Fancy Stuff   For instructions on how to use bold type, links and other advanced things: click the "UBB Code is ON" link to the left of the area where you type in your message. To find out about someone, email someone, edit your message, or reply with a quote: click the little icon symbols above the post.

How to Include a Picture in the Forum   To the left of the area where you type in your post, click the "UBB Code is ON" link. Refer to the instructions on everything you can do on this forum. Under the section "Adding Images" it explains how to post photos that already appear on the Web elsewhere. For example the following URL... "" is a direct link to a picture. Enclose the URL with [img] and [/img] image brackets to have your picture appear in the forum.

How to Upload a Picture   If the photo you want to post does not appear anywhere else on the Web, but only on your computer, you must first upload it to a photo site. There are numerous free photo sites on the web like Photobucket which is fast, free and very easy to use. After uploading your photo to Photobucket, go to "Links", and look for the "Direct Link" to that picture. Then type [img][/img] into the Forum. Copy and paste the Direct Link in the middle.

Rules for Advertisers   Anyone who registers in their own name can post a message or ad for personal items related to Porsches. You may post advertisements as long as they pertain to things of interest to our members, but commercial advertising is not allowed by any other than our regular Sandscript newsletter advertisers. Commercial advertisers may not post ads for their business unless they are already regular advertisers in the Las Vegas Region Sandscript Newsletter. Please contact the Newsletter Editor to place your print ad. See classified ads to post free ads in the Sandscript newsletter and learn about other forms of national advertising. Inappropriate postings will be removed, and anyone who registers in a "nickname" instead of their real name is also subject to removal. Thank you for keeping your posts courteous and appropriate.

Check the Forum   The Forum allows event organizers and others to post last minute changes to events, so it is a very good idea to always check the Forum before leaving for an event. Start times and locations can change. For example if a rallymaster drives the route the day before an event and finds it under construction, he can immediately post a notice on the forum for everyone to see.

Please be Considerate   Registering in your real name allows us to better police the site, so we know that we can track down misuse of the system. Although you may find some people using nicknames, we strongly urge you not to do so. Anyone using a nickname is subject to deletion. The purpose of our system is not to hide behind anonymity, but to offer open conversation. With a handle that no one recognizes, no one is going to know who you are. You are welcome to express your opinions as long as you do it openly. There are other forums that allow anonymous postings. This is not one of them.


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