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Porsche Club of America Zone 8
Las Vegas Region PCA
Car Rallies

Competitive rallies are typically TSD "time, speed, distance" rallies which specify the average speeds and distances to be traveled. All rallies are over paved roads. In the very rare exception that a short stretch of road is unpaved, it is usually due to construction, and it is always announced before the rally. We do not sponsor any type of off-road rallies. These rallies usually require a navigator who assists the driver with following the course and making calculations. TSD rallies often require only a stopwatch, clipboard and working odometer. In these rallies the specified speed is usually the posted speed limit. Cars that arrive too early are penalized as well as cars that arrive too late. Please see the PCA Zone 8 Rally Rules.

There are also various types of fun rallies. The final destination is usually a restaurant or club with protected parking in front so participants can enjoy lunch and drinks afterwards while they watch the cars cross the finish line, and the judges determine the winners. There are usually numerous photo opportunities as the rally normally encludes a number of scenic routes. Other "Vegas style" photo opportunities are often provided at the start and finish lines.

The club trophy is passed among the various car clubs every year, as the winning club keeps the trophy until the following year. Car clubs participating besides the Porsche Club are the Ferrari Club, Mercedes Club, Viper Club and British Car Club. All car clubs are welcome. A minimum number of participants must enter from each club to qualify for the club trophy.


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